Stealth Electric Bikes

DC-1 Stealth Monitoring System

Stealth Electric Bikes’ technology took a further leap ahead today, with the release of the advanced DC-1 display set to place even more power in the hands of the company’s global rider network.


The DC-1 has been forged upon a two-year research and development foundation, led by ongoing feedback from established Stealth riders across 11 different countries. The result is a market-leading multi-lingual display, offering pilots access to advanced algorithmic calculations, delivering everything from range estimations, to ride efficiency and regenerative braking data.


Range anxiety is now a thing of the past, thanks to the DC-1’s ability to perform ongoing range calculations, based on real-time riding data. Pilots can now extract the maximum from their Stealth in all riding conditions, whilst also refining their riding style to better optimise power consumption.


Intuitive icons and simplified menus allow for easy navigation through all of the DC-1’s innovative features:


DC-1 00

• Smoother speed & power limiting
• 2 Trip meters
• Trip time
• Range estimator
• System diagnostics
• 24 hour clock
• Ride efficiency
• Average speed
• Maximum power
• Brake regen recovered
• Odometer
• Back light control
• Sound on/off


With the push of a button, riders now have a choice of two new throttle maps: a smooth, efficient Street curve; or crisper, more aggressive Off-Road curve.


When the DC-1 detects that the battery power is running low, it triggers a warning alarm, informing pilots that the all new “E-Mode” has been enabled, which further optimises power output for the remainder of the ride.
Warmer, harsher conditions are actively managed by the DC-1’s advanced temperature control system, which sets off an audible warning, as well as adjusts the useable power, if on-board temperatures begin to climb. These automated features are designed to minimise the need for interaction with the display, and maximise the time spent focussing on the trail ahead.


Wet and muddy conditions pose no threat to the DC-1, which combines a weatherproof housing with a new, replaceable overlay, making it robust and user friendly… just like the bike it’s bolted to.
Stealth engineer Joe Fischer also reinforced the safety benefits of the DC-1: “With the Stealth Bomber capable of speeds of over 80km/h, losing concentration can prove to be a lethal mistake. The DC-1 minimises that risk and lets you focus on the adventure ahead”.

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