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Too much is NEVER enough

By November 11, 2014 B-52, E-Bike Technology, F-37, H-52

When the Big Names are seen riding a Stealth with the biggest custom specs, Stealth Electric Bikes’ customers begin to get excited. The company’s latest YouTube hit, featuring Stealth test pilot Jarryd McNeil shaking down a tricked-up B-52 Bomber, has led to an influx of upgrade requests.      


Leading the charge toward maximum performance is the premium Mountain Racing Products (MRP) Groove 200 fork upgrade. Originally engineered by US-based suspension guru, White Brothers, the Groove 200’s upside-down design links back to its founding company’s motocross engineering roots, and ties in nicely with Stealth’s overarching moto vibe.


But for the Groove 200, it’s not all about the aesthetic appeal. With an extra inch of wheel travel over Stealth’s standard RST R-One forks, as well as high-end Norglide bushings and handcrafted internals, the Groove delivers benchmark plushness and lasting reliability. At the same time, the inverted design reduces unsprung weight, enhancing small-bump responsiveness.


MRP Groove

Due to the nature of the inverted design, front-end stiffness is also increased when the Groove is specified, as the length of the large diameter outer tubes is far longer than traditional dual-crown forks. The tighter front-end, combined with the additional support provided by the Groove’s advanced high and low-speed valving, means greatly improved rider control, and more opportunity to exploit your Stealth’s full potential.


“All of our customers who have upgraded to the Groove forks praise the quality of the ride they deliver. We’ve been working closely with both White Brothers and MRP for a long time, and can confidently say that the latest valving tweaks to the Groove are truly top-notch,” said Stealth’s managing director John Karambalis.


The enhanced front-end control is equally matched at the rear, with revised valving available for the DNM rear shock on the new B-52 Bomber and H-52 Hurricane designed to improve high-speed responsiveness. At the same time, the progressively wound spring on these models has also been enhanced, offering better small-bump compliance.


Of course, the greater speed also puts your braking system under more intense pressure, and this is why Stealth also offers Magura’s range-topping MT-8 braking package as an additional option. Given greater braking pressures introduce more heat and potential expansion to the hydraulic fluid, the MT-8 offers on-the-fly adjustment of the brake pads’ bite point, giving riders more control, even under intense downhill riding conditions. And, just to add to the overall package, the MT-8’s brake levers are also carbon fibre, reducing weight and further boosting your Stealth’s aesthetics.


“We don’t just offer our upgrades for the sake of it,” said Stealth’s sales manager, Theresa Moolenschot. “We carefully select every option in our upgrades list, ensuring that each one delivers significant benefits over its standard equivalent. Our bikes are ready for anything straight out of the box, but our upgrades really turn things up to 11.”


For riders who really want to stand out, though, Stealth can also provide many custom colour options outside of those in the standard list. This is done by special order and is a service designed to illustrate the boutique nature of the Stealth company, which is akin to that of Ferrari or Pagani in the motoring world, wherein one-off specials are still produced to this day.


Stealth Wooden Veneer Finish

“Despite the growth in our bikes’ popularity, we’re eager to maintain our boutique vibe, and customisation is central to this. The fact that so many of our orders request special features is also a testament to how valuable this service is to our customers,” adds Karambalis.


Some examples of the custom colour schemes are available on the Stealth Instagram page, where everything from special rim colours, right through to a wooden veneer finish, are on show, highlighting what happens when Stealth customers really want to crank things up.


Every option and upgrade listed in The Stealth Hangar website is available for each of the Stealth models: B-52 Bomber; F-37 Fighter; and H-52 Hurricane. Existing Stealth customers looking to further enhance their machine can also request upgrades. To take advantage of the service, or to enquire about a brand new custom Stealth of your own, the factory is just one email away.