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Stealth in High Definition: Free HD Camera Promotion

By January 21, 2015 Promotions

Stealth Electric Bikes is giving away a free Sony Action Cam, with helmet mount, handlebar mount and live stream remote, with every bike ordered between 1 February and 31 March, 2015.


Interested? Surely you remember that time you nailed your line through the toughest section on your favourite trail, the time you just brushed up against your limits, but pulled through in one piece? These moments are what riding is all about, but it’s capturing them on camera that’s the hardest thing – your mates never believe you otherwise.


The action camera market has exploded in recent years and Stealth pilots, too, have shared some eye-opening footage online: from high-velocity two-wheel drifts, to backflips, we’ve seen the Stealth bikes pushed to the limit, all in high-definition. Now it’s your turn.


If you’ve looked on in awe and decided it’s time to secure a Stealth of your own, you’ll be all set to record your own off-road assault with the HDR-AS100V mounted directly to your handlebars.


Sony action cam with wrist band


With your B-52 Bomber, F-37 Fighter, or H-52 Hurricane wound up to full power, you can also be sure that the Action Cam’s advanced BIONZ X processer, backed by a 50Mbps bit transfer rate, will capture all your adventures in maximum clarity, even when you’re chasing top speed in low-light conditions.


The ultra-wide angle 170-degree Carl Zeiss lens also ensures no detail of the trail is missed. You can even rely on the unique Live-View Remote kit to support your camera setup, with on-the-fly video instantly transferred to your wristband using Bluetooth technology – try doing this on your GoPro.


And the feature set gets better, with the ability live-stream your footage directly to your iOS- or Android-powered smartphone, for instant upload to social media. Want to use your tablet? You can stream directly via Wi-Fi as well.


So, now that you’re really interested, you can click straight to the dealer page and locate your nearest Stealth Partner today. The offer stands only while stocks last and is available right across our global dealer network.


Fly under the radar and then go public? It’s the best of both worlds, just like our bikes.


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