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100% Stealth performance for 0% finance? That’s right

By February 9, 2015 Promotions

Let’s set the scene: it’s always hard to hide that savings account from your wife… You know, the one where you’ve quietly been stashing cash to drop on your new 2015 Stealth? Well, stress no longer: with a 50% upfront deposit, we can hand you a fresh set of keys and put the balance on a 0% interest loan for a whole year.


It’s an offer specifically for our Australian customers, as we know you’re big on high-powered toys and we also know that getting approval from The Boss to buy even more can be a very tough sell.


If you’ve ever taken the time to delve into how much interest you’re paying on that car loan of yours (it’s got to be pushing 8%, or more), or how the bank finds a plethora of creative ways to load fees onto your interest-laden mortgage, you’ll very quickly appreciate the generosity of our offer.


Of course, we’ve timed it especially well, too: as our factory charges up for an exciting year of fresh 2015-plate Stealth production, our B-52 Bombers, F-37 Fighters and H-52 Hurricanes are ready and waiting to be boxed-up and shipped to your nearest dealer.


If you’re looking to get creative, too, our range of Stealth Upgrades can also be applied to our financed bikes, meaning you can spec-up your new toy with MRP’s finest Groove 200 upside-down forks and also have us bolt on some four-piston bling in the form of the Magura MT7 braking package.


Colours? Well, they’re okay, too, so if you’re looking to replicate some of our showcase models with custom rim and coil spring colours, we can also loop these upgrades into the finance deal. What’s more, we won’t even tell your wife.


2014 was a record year for us: we sold more bikes to more countries; produced more videos and thrilled more new customers. For 2015, we can add you to the list, so drop us a line now and we’ll get you all charged up.


The 2015 Stealth finance deal is an ongoing offer that is specifically for Australian customers only. It includes a 0% interest rate for a 12-month period after the upfront payment of a 50% deposit. Applications are subject to credit approval, as well as creditor’s terms and conditions, all of which are available through your Stealth dealer, or directly from our head office.


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DON’T FORGET, TOO: if you order during February and March, 2015, you can also take advantage of our free Sony Action Cam deal!


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