Stealth Electric Bikes

The Stealth Bike Carrier: transport for your heavy artillery

The Stealth team has released a new bike carrier, meaning transporting your machine just got a lot easier. Why do you need one? Well, some members of the public might not like seeing you fly past them on the local bike path at 80km/h whilst on your way to the trails… Who’d have thought, huh?


The Stealth Bike Carrier is custom made to suit your Stealth bike, can support up to 60kg, and is valued at $498 (AUD). It mounts directly to your vehicle’s towbar and requires nothing on your bike to be removed or adjusted – just lift your bike on, strap it up, and hit the road.


Rear-mounted bike carriers are leagues ahead of all other designs, largely because of the ease with which they can be loaded. Roof-mounted racks are both a risky option (due to height clearance issues) and a challenge to load, given hoisting 50kg of Stealth B-52 Bomber above your head isn’t necessarily easy. And we won’t even mention dissembling your muddy or dusty bike to load it in the boot.




The sister model of the Stealth Bike Carrier is the popular Gripsport Downhill carrier – the main difference between the two being that the Stealth-specific variant carries only one bike. The same ease of use applies, though, with the potential to have your Stealth all loaded up and secure in a matter of seconds.


You’ll probably find, too, that being able to get to the trails more quickly and easily will mean you get more use from your Stealth bike and are more willing to make the longer trips in search of the most famed riding terrain.


To put it simply, then: got a Stealth already? Get a carrier. Buying a Stealth? Get a carrier, too. After all, it’s all about riding, and the more you choose to ride, the more you want to ride. Our bike carrier just makes it even easier.


Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52 Bomber, F-37 Fighter, and H-52 Hurricane available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.