Stealth Electric Bikes

“Houston, do you read me? The Stealth range has landed.”


“Houston, we had a problem.” To date, there has been no Stealth Electric Bikes dealer in the outer space capital of the USA, but the big news is that that’s just changed: welcome Texas Yamaha, the latest addition to a flourishing line-up of US-based Stealth dealers.


Texas Yamaha has a commanding footprint across the city of Houston, with their three showrooms – Pasadena, Texas City, and Webster – all home to Stealth Electric Bikes’ finest metal.


“It’s quite fitting that we now have a solid presence in Houston,” said Stealth’s Sales Manager, Theresa Mischkulnig. “Although, I feel like our bikes probably belong even more at NASA than they do at a powersports dealer, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.”


Texas Yamaha’s Sales Manager, Bo, is just as upbeat about presenting a new model line-up to his customers. “Yamaha is surely the most recognised motorcycle brand in the USA, so it’s only fitting that we match it with the most respected electric bike brand, too,” he said.


Stealth is rapidly amassing a cult following in the USA. As terrain for using petrol-powered trail bikes becomes even more regulated and controlled, the near-silent aggression of the Australian-made machines means they fly past park rangers and hikers, almost undetected.


“An increasing number of our buyers come to the brand for its market-leading technology, and I guess you could say that these are ‘tech head’ riders”, said Stealth’s founder, John Karambalis, “but we’re beginning to attract a new dimension of fans, too, and they’re the guys and girls who just want ride fast without gaining unwanted attention”.


It’s this new breed of two-wheeled junkies that Texas Yamaha is looking to attract into their showrooms, and the ability to offer the finest petrol-powered machines alongside Stealth’s world-class electric and hybrid-electric technology, means they have a sure-fire chance of meeting the demands of a very diverse market.


“We’re already seeing two main customer groups taking the most interest in Stealth bikes: one doesn’t have a huge amount of experience with traditional dirt bikes; and the other has grown up riding them, but is starting to look for something new,” said Bo.


Bo’s experience is not dissimilar to most other Stealth dealers across the globe, and the customisable power outputs of each Stealth model ensure you can keep the rule-makers happy by switching down the power at the push of a button… only to switch it straight back up again when you’re off the open road.


It’s the technology that adds unparalleled levels of refinement to the Stealth’s decidedly bomb-proof chassis, creating an overall package that’s fast and finessed all at the same time. It’s technology that wouldn’t look out of place at NASA, so it seems Stealth’s arrival in Houston means the brand really has found a second home.


So, if you’re in Houston, get into Texas Yamaha for a test ride, and you’ll quickly learn why Stealth is the USA’s premium e-bike of choice.




Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.