Stealth Electric Bikes


By November 22, 2017 B-52, F-37, H-52

Stealth Electric Bikes are renowned for being ultra-tough, versatile, and capable of handling any terrain with ease. This is all made possible by carefully selecting the right components for the job at hand. One of the most crucial factors of having a great handling bike is of course the suspension setup.  Stealth Electric Bikes have picked DNM Suspension Technology for being the providers of both front and rear suspension units that can be found on our B-52, H-52 and F-37 models.

We have seen DNM come a long way from their humble beginnings in 1978 when they had a main focus on motorcycle suspension technology. Since then DNM have certainly diversified their operational capabilities with new found focuses on ATV’s and push bikes.  To us this seems the perfect fit for the manufacturers of the one of the world’s fastest e-bikes.

Some of the benefits of running an Upside Down Fork or a (USD fork) mainly relate to increasing strength by utilising larger diameter tubes and sliders, this increases rigidity and in turn makes the suspension fork stronger. It also reduces the amount of flex and leads to better steering feedback for the rider. With over 200mm of front suspension travel the DNM units are capable of taking anything you care to throw at them.

With damper, preload, and compression adjustability offered on both front and rear suspension components  there is no reason why you won’t able to achieve the optimal balance of performance and comfort to tackle your favourite trail.