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Bomb proof MRP Grooves on Stealth’s B-52 Bomber.



“Correct suspension will give you the confidence in your bike to push yourself to the limit”


The front suspension forks are one of the most important components affecting performance on an electric bike. Take a bike with too little travel on a downhill trail or equally a bike with heavy forks on a cross country trail and you’ll be in for a hard time.

Correct suspension will give you the confidence to push yourself to the limit and get the most out of every ride. For electric bikes it is even more important as the battery and motor add weight not found on a standard mountain bike.


“Stealth thought the American manufactured MRP Groove 200 were ideal for our more discerning and hardcore customers”


Stealth Electric Bikes deliberated long and hard about what forks to put on our bikes before we settled on the fantastic DNM-8’s and MRP’s bomb proof Groove 200. These forks are available on our B-52, H-52 and F-37 bikes.


“Built to excel at Rampage-sized stunts”


We covered the DNM’s in a previous article. While the DNM’s are fantastic forks, Stealth thought the American made MRP Groove 200 were ideal for our more discerning and hardcore customers who wanted front forks which are robust enough to take on large jumps and abundant customisation for traction while burning around a corner at the edge of performance.

MRP say Groove’s are “Built to excel at Rampage-sized stunts and utilizing a classic moto-inspired inverted design, the Groove 200 is made to last.  A charged oil separator damper with external reservoir and floating piston make this one of the most adjustable forks on the market.”

The Grooves’ ability to be finely tuned is not to be underestimated. When performing at high level small adjustments make the difference between staying on a bend or spinning out, and Stealth’s electric mountain bikes are built for high performance and so matching suspension is key. MRP’s Groove 200 allow the rider to adjust their forks to minute details for optimal performance, compression, rebound and bottom out can all be. On an electric bike such as Stealth’s powerful B-52, which has a 5.2 kw motor, such adjustments allow the keenest of riders to tweak the suspension to transfer every watt of power on to the dirt without compromising safety.

MRP’s design and quality control ensure their forks last through years of punishment, however a long lasting fork is only useful if you can get spare parts for repairs. MRP manufacture spares and offer servicing on forks which are 15 years old so you can be sure to be supported long in to the future.

The Stats on the GROOVE.

TRAVEL:  200mm.

WEIGHT: 8.6 lbs.


EXTERNAL ADJUSTMENTS: Compression, rebound, bottom out

STEERER: Straight (1.125″)

OFFSET: 25mm

BRAKE MOUNT: IS 20mm Standard

AXLE: 20mm



All of our bikes except the P-7 can have their suspension upgraded with MRP’s 200mm Groove 200 over the standard 200mm DNM-8’s. Performance aside, the MRP’s look great; design your bike here to see the difference, don’t forget you can customise the frame and component colours on our electric bikes.




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