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Boost your health with electric power


Electric power or traditional pedal power? With the question of technology or tradition hot on everyone’s lips, it’s important to sort myths from facts.

A key point in this debate is around well-being – are electric bikes good for your health? In short, yes. Although it might seem like you’re doing less work, there are several sweet health advantages to electric bikes. Here are two examples.

Anyone can enjoy an electric bike!Get your heart rate racing on your way to work – not just the weekend!

1) Boost your stamina and potential speed

It’s important to remember that electric bikes augment human power, not replace it altogether. This means that you can still improve your health and overall fitness, but also hit some new PBs with greater stamina and speed potential.

In fact, based on research from University of Colorado Boulder titled ‘Pedelecs as a physically active transportation mode’, electric bikes are proven to improve both your cardiovascular health and overall fitness. Researchers analysed various health measures of 20 non-exercising volunteers (car commuters) before getting them to ride an electric bike for 40 minutes three times a week. After one month, the volunteer’s health was again tested, revealing significant improvements across cardiovascular health, blood sugar control and aerobic capacity.

Take the P-7 as a great example. With a street legal output of 250W which gets you up to 25km/h, you can take on those tricky hills on the way to work with ease – building up your muscle stamina and saving some power for the home sprint. Or if you’ve had a few too many meetings during the day, take advantage of electric power to augment your own power and cruise all the way home!

2) Release endorphins

Use cycling as a way to boost your holistic health.

For many people, cycling is a form of escapism. By hitting the cycle trails instead of taking the car or a bus to work, you alleviate stress and boost your mental health by releasing endorphins that promote feelings of happiness and euphoria.

Looking at the psychological benefits of cycling, an electric bike is a great way to prolong positive emotional states. By not getting tired as quickly, you can whizz to and from work with ease, arriving fresh and mentally energised. Use cycling as a way to boost your holistic health, not just a way to get around.

Regardless of what you’re looking for out of an electric bike, the team at Stealth can match a model to your requirements. To book a test ride or learn more about the technical specifications of our electric bike range, get in touch with our expert team today.