Stealth Electric Bikes

The Stealth B-52 frame – a marvel of modern engineering


Robust, durable and unique – the Stealth monocoque frame is regarded as a true industry leader. Having set the benchmark in the world of high powered ebikes, Stealth Electric Bikes’ signature monocoque frames allow riders to safely push themselves to the limits in some of the most challenging terrain.

So, what’s so special about the Stealth monocoques? Our Dealer Manager, Mike Home has chimed in for the inside scoop.

From the manufacturing floor to soaring heights

Long before railing berms and launching off epic jumps, each and every Stealth starts its life at our Melbourne HQ facility. Our frames and swingarms are designed in-house and manufactured locally – earning Stealth its Australian Made and Owned accreditation. Every frame that rolls off our factory floor is manufactured and tested beyond the standards of EN certification and is backed up by a lifetime warranty on every bike we sell.

What are Stealth frames actually made of Mike?

“Cromoly of course. Cromoly (or Cromo) is an extremely durable alloy blend of steel, chromium and molybdenum that’s used extensively in automotive racing and aerospace industries. It has a much higher strength/weight ratio than standard mild steel or aluminium alloys which makes it the perfect material for Stealth’s special monocoque frames. Cromoly’s compliant properties mean that under high stress conditions it has the ability to flex without the risk of fatigue which means that when used properly, it has what it takes to last a lifetime,” he said.

Stealth’s frame designs serve several purposes by providing an ergonomic platform for the pilot, an ultra-strong chassis for securing hardware and suspension, and above all maintaining a safe, almost bulletproof housing for vital components such as electronics and high-powered lithium batteries.

The B-52 frame in action

After 21 evolutionary updates, all of our frames have been rated to 120kg allowing all riders to feel confident when pushing their pedals to the limit. No matter how hard you ride, each Stealth electric bike is designed to take whatever punishment you can dish out.

Ergonomically, Stealth hand builds every frame with enough adjustability to suit riders of every shape and size. With four models to choose from, there’s a Stealth for every occasion.

Geometrically, all Stealth’s are designed with high speed and handling in mind giving riders laser precision whether they’re traveling at warp speed or shredding tight single track. The low centre of gravity combined with moto-style weight distribution really ticks all the boxes.

Putting our money where our mouth is

While many manufacturers will tell you how great their products are, when it comes to backing that up, it can be a very different story. At Stealth, we stand by everything we sell and with a global support network spanning over 30 countries, our lifetime frameset warranty eclipses anything else on the market.

To get a closer look at these modern marvels, talk to the expert team at Stealth and book a test ride today.