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Hit every trail hard with the Stealth P-7

By April 23, 2018 P-7

Is your life all work and no play? If you're tired of long work days and weekends in front of the TV, why not get yourself a Stealth P-7 and head out into the wild?

In its off-road configuration, the Stealth P-7 is a beast. With a twist of the wrist, you can speed up to 45km/h – over jumps, down hilly trails and even up steep terrain. So, what's in the design of the Stealth P-7 that makes it such a trailblazer?

Go short, go long, day or night

Powering the Stealth P-7 is a 1000W battery, which will easily handle the demands of an electric commuter bike. For those of you seeking longer thrills and off road adventure, you may want to consider a battery upgrade. Head into the hills with a long range battery upgrade and extend your range to 150km safe in the knowledge that you will make it home with those electrons in reserve.

Have you dreamed about biking at night?Have you dreamed about biking at night? Sun is setting, but you're not done riding?

Take advantage of night time Stealth mode with a range of lighting packages which allow you to traverse terrain under the moonlight.

Tough and uncompromising dual suspension

Mountain biking is all about hitting the trails as fast and hard as possible. To do this, you need a high performance suspension system.

The Stealth P-7's uses industry-leading Durolux R2C2 – SR Suntour's premium single crown suspension fork on the front and SR Suntour's LO-R8 UNair air shock on the rear. Using the latest air spring technology, the system has exceptional adjustability – allowing you to take off with confidence and land every jump safely.

Brake, pivot and pedal

Even the most crazy mountain biker needs to brake once in a while.

Even the most crazy mountain biker needs to brake once in a while and the Stealth P-7 delivers. Fitted with 4-piston Magura MT5 brakes and huge 203mm rotors, the P-7 has the same braking system as the powerful Stealth B-52, so you can be confident you'll stop every time.

If you want to order a P-7 to make your weekends a little less boring, get in touch with the team at Stealth today – you won't regret your decision!