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Full speed ahead with WRX Pro – Guerlain Chicherit

By April 26, 2018 B-52, Sport, Team Riders

Going slow just does not sit right with FIA World Rallycross athlete Guerlain Chicherit. Whether it’s competing in the Dakar rally, skiing or Rally(cross) Championships, Guerlain aims to be the fastest. It’s for this reason that Guerlain has teamed up with Stealth Electric Bikes for the 2018 World Rallycross Championships.

“If I designed a bike myself it couldn’t have been more like the B-52”

As a huge motocross fan with hours spent racing the French mountains during summer months, the allure of the instant torque and acceleration of Stealth’s B-52 was too much. It wasn’t just the speed which attracted Guerlain to the Stealths B-52, being a competitor to the core and wanting to gain every advantage possible, he saw an opportunity which could give an edge on the track.

Guerlain’s bespoke Stealth B-52

Guerlain sees the B-52 as an ideal way of inspecting the track prior to a race. The speed of the B-52 allows Guerlain to get more laps in and the suspension means this can be done in comfort. In a world or marginal gains, these insights go a long way on race day.


Stealth caught up with Guerlain to ask him a few questions about the B-52 and the up and coming 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship.

What Stealth model do you use?

The beast!! (Guerlain of course means our B-52 😉 )


What makes this model better than other electric bikes you’ve used in the past?


The B-52 is all round awesome, I ride Enduro bikes quite a lot and I’ve taken the B-52 on some of the roughest trails I’ve ridden and the Stealth Bike is un-fazed by anything I’ve thrown in its path. In some sections I found the B-52 even better than the Enduro bike because of the instant torque from the electric motor, something you don’t have on Enduro bikes! My favourite feature would be the B-52’s power delivery, its instant yet controllable which encourages confidence in riding the bike in all conditions.


What do you mainly use the model for?


I ride the bike a lot in the Alps and its now become my ‘go to’ mode of transport for many things. I also use it at all of my motor sport events as it gives me great insight into the track conditions. You would be surprised how easy it is to find the grippy and loose sections through the B-52 throttle compared to pedalling. The electric motor also means I can do quite a lot of laps! 🙂


What areas do you love to take it to?


The Alps, Tignes in particular… but for now I’ll need to wait until the snow is all gone!


What makes Stealth a good partnership for you and your team?


The partnership with Stealth is a perfect fit. My philosophy to everything I do is to go ‘all in’ and Change the Rules. When I first laid my eyes on the B-52 I knew that Stealth Bikes was a perfect fit for me. I wanted to have an electric bike that screamed wow and the B-52 does this everytime I bring it to a new venue, track or location. I like my toys, if I designed a bike myself it couldn’t have been more like the B-52.


What are your thoughts on the upcoming 2018 FIA World Rallycross Championship?


This has been a 2 year project with some crazy ideas and a lot of innovation on how World Rallycross car could be built. Prodrive are incredible at what they do and GCK as my team is really hoping to demonstrate that we can come with a fresh perspective, something new and perform at the highest level. We achieved our objective of making the semi final with both cars in round 1 but now we reboot and go again to try and make a final, then who knows… a podium this year would be awesome!


How have your preparations been in the off-season?


Pre-season preparation went very well, I have driven many cars but nothing compares to the new GCK Megane R.S. RX. So my relative benchmark compared to what is top level is skewed a bit. Personally, I’m much more confident driving these crazy cars and understand the sport a lot better now. We have brought on some really key people to GCK too so between us all we have a solid foundation for the future.





What are your goals for this season?


I would love to win a race but a podium in the team and cars first season would be a fantastic achievement.



To feel the acceleration for yourself, talk to the expert team at Stealth and book a test ride today.


All photos are courtesy of GC Kompetition. With thanks to Roots Management Ltd.

You can follows Guerlain’s season on Facebook and Instagra – @GChicherit