Stealth Electric Bikes

What’s behind the powertrain of the Stealth B-52?


Fast, powerful and reliable. That’s the Stealth B-52 in a nutshell. But this innovative design didn’t come along by accident. In this article we’ll be covering one of the key elements on this market leader.

If you haven’t figured it out by now, the Stealth B-52 is a high performance electric bike built for off-road domination, and at the core of its design is the slick shifting V-Boxx. Whether taking novices to new heights or seasoned professionals to the next level, the V-Boxx is fundamental to making every ride as smooth and as silent as the last.

How the B-52’s V-Boxx adds top performance

Reaching speeds of up to 80km/h with hardly a sound, the B-52’s high torque brushless DC hub motor has a peak power output of 5.2kW making it the most powerful e-bike in its class. When pilots want to take it up a notch, an average rider can add over 100Nm of torque by selecting one of nine gears on the left hand grip shift and adding a few pedal strokes via the V-Boxx. The result, a wild surge of electromechanical thrust, accelerates the rider across the earth at blistering speeds.

The B-52 is an electric bike built for speed and power.The B-52 is an electric bike built for speed and power.

The V-Boxx, a sequential (constant mesh) gearbox, can shift gears without moving back to the neutral position first, allowing for faster transitions between gears than with a manual gearbox. On the B-52, the V-Boxx operates in parallel with the motor, meaning that there is no interruption to motor torque, as you click through each gear.

By simplifying shift movements, the cockpit becomes intuitive allowing pilots to stay focussed and in the zone without any distractions.

Less distractions makes for a faster, safer ride and the V-Boxx’s state-of-the-art, low maintenance design combined with its new, high capacity battery pack, your trail time just keeps getting better. To experience the acceleration and smooth shifting action of the Stealth B-52, give us a call and arrange a test ride today.