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Cycle Path Etiquette – What you can do to make cycling safer

Stealth Electric Bikes road legal P-7 takes a lot of the effort out of cycling and makes longer distances accessible to everyone a 26km ride will feel more like 13km. With the increase of bikes paths in cities and towns there has never been a better time to ditch the car and get pedalling.

Like a highway for cars, bike paths have their own written and unwritten rules, following correct bike path etiquette will make your journey safer and faster. Read below why you shouldn’t be a Disco Stu or a Bradly Wiggins.

Road legal P-7 ebike on an urban commute.


Here are Stealth Electric Bikes’ tips for a safer commute


Ring your bell – It is a legal requirement in most countries for bikes to be fitted with a bell. Use it appropriately and with plenty of warning when approaching pedestrians, don’t leave it to the last second. If you don’t have a bell fitted – buy one, until then shout a polite ‘Passing’ while approaching – anything is better than a surprise pass.


Light it up – See and be seen with a front light (white) and a rear light (red), essential when riding at dawn, dusk and night, but a good precaution to have them on during the day.
At a minimum your lights should show others where you are, ideally it should light up the path ahead so you can see obstacles. There are various lights on the market, choose one which you can charge easily and has multiple lighting functions.


Safe lighting – Having a 1200 lumen light will certainly make you stand out. However you risk dazzling oncoming cyclists and pedestrians if the beam is not directed correctly. Opting for a light which has a low beam setting or a horizon cutoff will improve the bike path experience for everyone.


Don’t be a Disco Stu – Save strobe lighting for while on the road where it is potentially more effective. Turn your strobe off when on bike paths, it is disorientating for other cyclists and is more likely to cause a collision than avert one.


Wear a helmet – You may be the safest rider and have the best Magura MT7 hydraulic brakes fitted but unexpected events from potholes to crazed kangaroos happen, and when they do you’ll be glad you were wearing a correctly fitted good quality cycling helmet.


Reflective clothing – Think 90’s raver, a hi-visibility top and reflective pants go a long way to being seen, glow sticks are optional.


Stay in lane – It’s poor form to stray in to the opposite lane and to cut corners.  Go slowly around bends and corners and be observant of where you are going.


Over take safely – Only overtake when it is safe and won’t put you in the path of on coming cyclists, be sure to give plenty of warning to the rider in front and look over your should before proceeding. If you are being overtaken accept your fate and don’t speed up, this is just poor form and dangerous, safely let the rider past and if you must, overtake later when safe.


Slow down – Riding an ebike can be effortless and you will reach top speeds quickly but it is not appropriate to fang it down a shared bike path, for everyone’s safety leave time trials for another time and place.


Observe the white lines – Lines will indicate who has right of way at junctions and keep you from straying in to other lanes and cutting people off.


Be respectful – It can be frustrating being stuck behind slower cyclist or pedestrian but we all share the paths and not everyone is a Bradley Wiggins, be respectful and everyone will get home safe.


The above tips are only suggestions. Ultimately it is your responsibility as a rider to judge the safest course of action when out riding.


If you would like to know what a P-7 feels like to ride then contact us today to arrange a demonstration.

P-7 makes commuting easy