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Speed and style: Why the Stealth P-7 is ideal for the urban landscape

By June 7, 2018 P-7


Been searching for the perfect urban electric bike?

Finding pedal power isn’t enough for the metro commute?

We’ve got you covered. The Stealth P-7 electric bike is specifically designed for street riding and will turn your daily ride to work into a thrilling new pedelec experience.

How the P-7 combines an electric motor with pedal power

The Stealth P-7 comes in two configurations – The P-7 and the P-7R (off road). When the P-7 operates in pedelec mode, its smooth and refined acceleration curve is perfect for the daily urban commute.

In this configuration, the P-7 uses crank-mounted sensors which respond the pilot’s pedal input to transmit pedal power to the motor. The harder you pedal, the more power you get. Capped at street legal levels, the P-7 offers pilots the perfect synthesis of Stealth’s renowned high torque power delivery and manageable motor output, designed for the urban environment.

For those looking for some extra punch, the P-7R provides strong, throttle-operated acceleration allowing pilots to pedal when they want to. This adds an extra level of performance for gnarly hill climbs, railing berms and long-range launches.

The Stealth P-7 is a perfect blend of offroad power and street legal smarts.The Stealth P-7 is a perfect blend of offroad power and street legal smarts.

Battery with range for all commuter bike journeys

The Stealth P-7 harnesses all of the off-road qualities that make Stealth electric bikes so special packaged into a lightweight, street legal pedelec platform capable of long-distance adventure.

Standard issue is the P-7’s 950 Wh battery which has a 100km pedelec range that’s perfect for any commuter bike ride. Pilots who want to go even further can upgrade to the 1500Wh battery, extending that range to a formidable 150km.

On the odd chance that you do run the battery down, the hub motor freewheels with no resistance, making for an easy, unassisted pedal home.

The Stealth P-7 motor is powered through pedal assist in pedelec mode.When in pedelec mode, Stealth P-7 motor is powered through pedal assist.

The ideal features for an urban ride

From steep streets to tight city corners, the Stealth P-7 has all the features that pilots need for a safe and exhilarating urban commute.

The long travel dual suspension frame is designed for off road domination and glides effortlessly across the roughest metropolitan roads with hardly a bump. Four-piston Magura MT5 disc brakes give pilots total control over stopping power, while the nine-speed gear train makes pedalling up the toughest city inclines a breeze.

In short, the Stealth P-7 is equal parts electric bicycle and high performance off road bike. You get the power, safety and reliability of all Stealth models, packaged into a street legal commuter designed to fast track your route through the city.

When you want range, power and adrenaline, the P-7’s got your back. Talk to the team at Stealth Electric Bikes about revolutionising your commute today.