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Super Fastest Stealth Bomber ‘For Real Man’

When is a Stealth not a Stealth?


Stealth Electric Bikes have been hand building the world’s most powerful electric mountain bikes at it’s HQ in Australia, for over 10 years. During this time second and third party immitators have cropped up and attempted to copy our innovative monocoque designs. Some even use Stealth Electric Bike branding such as ‘Stealth’, ‘Bomber’, ‘B-52’ and ‘Fighter’. A shameful facade which keeps Stealth’s legal team on their toes.

‘stealth bomber for real man’

Buying a fake Stealth is not like buying a fake pair of Verydry jeans. Your mates will still make fun of you, but the consequences of material or component failure could be fatal rather than just embarrassing.

While material and component quality play a major role, so do the thousands of hours of R&D and fine tuning that goes in to the design of every Stealth bike.  Over 10 years our development team have continually designed and refined our products to suit the demands of  customers who enjoy spending their time at warp speed.  Geometrically, ergonomically and electronically Stealth has done the hard yards to bring our customers precise handling, comfort and acceleration on every ride. These are the core design elements which aren’t so easy to imitate.

Stealth Electric Bikes | Proudly Australian Made

As the pioneers of the high powered electric mountain bike category, it is disheartening to have to tell consumers that their recently purchased ‘stealth bomber for real man’ (yes that advert really does exist) is a fake and that we are unable to fix it, or replace their burnt out frame.  We have even spoken to people first hand who have paid as little as half price for what they thought was a genuine Stealth Bomber, only to find that their bike didn’t get delivered and the company they sent their money to has coincidentally vanished.

Below are a some red flags which will help prospective Stealth owners spot a fake before parting with their hard earned dollars.  If you are ever in any doubt then please contact us through our website and we will happily advise you.  Of course if you really want an imitation Stealth then this article may not be for you.


Where is it made?

Stealth Electric Bikes are only made at our manufacturing facility in Melbourne, Australia. If the bike is made anywhere else it is definitely an imitation.

Which website is it being sold from?

Stealth Electric Bikes do not sell through online stores such as eBay, Amazon, Aliexpress, Alibaba, Gumtree etc.  Companies selling new ‘stealth bombers’ etc. on these sites are supplying fakes.   Online shoppers however can purchase a real Stealth via the ‘design studio’ on our website.  To make a purchase, simply design the bike you want and click ‘get price’, then follow the payment instructions.

The Stealth Dealer Network

For those seeking a more hands-on experience, test rides are available at our Melbourne HQ or via our Authorised Dealer Network found on our dealer locator page.   The Stealth Dealer Network is equipped to help you select the right bike for you needs and arrange test rides, service and technical support in your local area. If you are in any doubt about a dealer’s authenticity please contact Stealth HQ directly using our contact page www.stealthelectricbikes.com.


Core to the B-52’s high performance is its sequential gearbox.

Only the Stealth B-52 comes standard with the VBOXX?

A sure fire sign of a knock off is that only the Stealth B-52 comes fitted with the advanced, 9 speed sequential VBOXX. The VBOXX is vital to pedaling the B-52 with it’s wide gear range improving pedal efficiency at all speeds and it’s sealed, low maintenance design.  In fact, the only Stealth that uses a derailleur system is the latest addition to the line-up, the Stealth P-7.


Price too good to be true?

We have all heard the expression ‘you get what you pay for’. With an authentic Stealth you get full factory support from the Stealth factory and our Authorised dealers. Standard on all Stealth models is a fully supported 12 month warranty against defective parts and workmanship, combined with a lifetime warranty on all frames and swing arms (non-transferrable). On a Stealth you can ride safe and happy in the knowledge that your bike has been correctly designed and manufactured using advanced techniques and the best quality components.


How does it communicate with you?

Since 2014, genuine Stealth’s have come standard with the DC-1 user interface embedded in the frame. The DC-1 displays a wide range of real time stats for the rider such as speed, efficiency and system temperatures, while also allowing the rider to limit their speed and power output for extended battery range and longer ride time. There are no Stealth Electric Bikes on this planet that come factory fitted with the display mounted on the handlebars.  Keeping the handlebars free and uncluttered prevents damage and personal injury in the unfortunate event of an accidental tumble.


It’s the little things

Ever bought an immitation product that’s as good as the real thing?  If you think you may have spotted a fake, take out your magnifying glass and study the details and compare them with the real thing or contact our team and they’ll do it for you.


Ask yourself, are you willing to put your fun AND safety on the line just to save a few bucks?

Hopefully the above has given you some clues to help spot a fake Stealth. If you are looking to purchase a Stealth and are not sure of the authenticity then please do not hesitate to contact us.