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Larger Capacity B-52 Battery

By September 18, 2018 B-52, H-52, New Products
Ride 28% further on your new Stealth B-52

Riding a Stealth Electric Bike is an experience like no other, Stealth’s mission is to keep you riding for as long as possible.

Our next generation batteries released earlier this year will get you up to 28% further than before, with improved performance that equates to a possible 100 km on a single charge. The extra range could open up whole new areas to explore which were previously inaccessible.

We’ve tweaked the chemistry and increased the size slightly, while the weight difference is negligible, the improved range is substantial. A few lucky customers have already had their B-52’s fitted with our new batteries and their feedback has confirmed our alchemy has been well worth the effort.

Best of all the 28% range increase comes at no additional cost as all Stealth bikes are now fitted with next gen batteries as standard. There has never been a better time to design and buy your own Stealth Electric Bike.

If you want to know what riding a Stealth feels like, contact your nearest dealer to arrange a test ride.

Battery upgrades are available for older B-52’s please contact your nearest dealer for information.

One Comment

  • Robert Parkinson says:

    Great! You have increased the power from 20.8 X the Australian legal limit, to 24.8 X.