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Stealth B-52 Motor Upgrade

By October 29, 2018 B-52, H-52, New Products


Stealth Electric Bikes have once again made the best, better.  Not happy with 5200 watts of power we one upped ourselves and engineered our B-52s and H-52 with a whopping 6200 watts.

For a long time we have been working closely with electric motor manufacturer, Crystalite, to develop a motor which is more powerful, lighter and robust than previous models. The 6.2 kW motor is exclusive for Stealth Electric Bikes and works in perfect harmony with our recently updated battery.


The additional 1000 watts of power really stand out when accelerating during take off and when tackling challenging hills. The high capacity battery and bespoke controller combined with the new 6.2 kW motor delivers a smooth ride with so much torque we are sure the earth’s rotation slows with every twist of the throttle.

As an additional bonus the 6.2 kW motors are 25% lighter than previous models, further enhancing manoeuvrability down tight trails and rough tracks.

Think you can handle the power? Want to know what riding a Stealth feels like? Then contact your nearest dealer today for a test ride.

Battery and motor upgrades may be available for some older B-52’s please contact your nearest dealer for information.