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Profile of Supercross Rider and Stealth Dealer – John Prutti

John Prutti is Stealth Electric Bikes’ Authorised Dealer in the ACT region of Australia, he is know for his skills and prowess in the Motocross arena and coaching up and coming MX talent.

Last year John created an awesome video show casing the full range of Stealth bikes Capital Stealth offer. The catchy music and beautifully shot scenes caught our customer’s attention and they wanted to know more about the video and the man behind it all. We caught up with John and asked him a few questions.

When did you first ride a Stealth bike?

Back in 2014, the Stealth team were shooting “The Shape of Things to Come” video starring my good mate Caroline Buchanan. I had ridden Caroline’s B-52 a few times and Stealth had seen some of the footage of my skills so they invited me along to star as one of the stunt riders.   Before I knew it I’d signed up to be a Stealth dealer and the rest is history


When did you first ride a motorcycle and what got you hooked on the sport?

I started motorcycle ride at age 4 on a PW50. The freedom had me instantly hooked and I haven’t looked back since, on any kind of two wheels.

How did you start riding bikes professionally?

It was always a dream to pursue racing professionally. I worked super hard up through the ranks over the years to cement my name as a professional rider.


What are the highlights of your riding career?

For me the highlights would be getting to travel and race for teams abroad. Whether that be in California or Indonesia. I’ve always enjoyed the travel/race scene.


Have you ever done anything on a bike which made you think ‘best not try that again’ afterwards?

I think we all have. No matter how good we are, there is always the odd occasion where we run out of talent!


You coach and train MX riders in Canberra, have you ever trained someone who went on to go pro?

I do yes, my passion is anything with two wheels. I’ve learnt so much over the years from being an athlete and love nothing more then passing on that information. Just last month I had an 8 year old who I’ve worked with weekly enter an invitational race in Las Vegas. So you could say the future is looking bright!


The video got a great response from Stealth fans, what was your inspiration?

I guess I felt there was a small void missing. I wanted to showcase the versatility of each model. Whether that’s cruising on into work through the city on the all new P7 or jumping spoon drains at 80km/h on the B52.

Some of the locations you used look amazing, where were they?

Filming started on the P-7 in the Canberra City, I’m sure plenty of locals will recognise a few of the clips. We then ventured to the coast for a few days to a private property to shoot the other models, which is where the pilot lived.

You had a whole bunch of people in the video, who are these guys?

The cast consisted of myself, friends and a happy customer who was eager to help out!


We have seen heaps of photographs from your shoot, they look amazing, who is primarily the photographer?

I have used a few different photographers, however for the most part I’m usually the one behind the lens.


“The pout isn’t here to take part, it’s here to take over”


The Pruttie Pout

The ‘Prutti Pout’ is a trade mark classic of yours and some would argue it surpasses Blue Steel and even Magnum, what can we expect to see from you in the future?

The pout isn’t here to take part, its here to take over. I can assure you, there will be plenty more where it came from!

Who’s helicopter is in the video?

A good friend of mine owns the Enstrom 280FX. His not afraid of showing it off either. Who could blame him!

What was the best part of shooting the video?

Riding the whole stealth range for four days straight!

What was the most frustrating aspect of shooting the video?

I don’t think there are any. It was nothing but good times showcasing an amazing product that I’m passionate about.

Where are you based and are you able to provide test rides?

Tharwa, ACT. Test rides are available, whether that be on a tight MX track with berms or just fire trail like trails. We have the facility to suit all rider abilities.

What is your favourite stealth and why?

I couldn’t say, they all have their own niche. The B-52 is hard to say no to though, the acceleration is addictive.

What makes electric power stand out from petrol powered bikes?

The instantaneous power and the fact it is silent. Customers are always very surprised by both factors. They’re also much easier to work on than an MX bike and when you don’t have to deal with oil and petrol, there’s a lot less mess.


John is available 5 days a week to help with sales enquiries and technical support, so if you want to try before you buy contact John today