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The Stealth P-7R Adds A New Dimension to Trail Blazing

Stealth P-7R, leaving others in our dust. 

When Stealth Electric Bikes built the first Stealth B-52 Bomber way back in 2008, extreme sports aficionados lost their marbles over the arm stretching acceleration and eye popping top speeds that only the best downhill mountain bikers could reach, all in complete silence.

Earlier this month Stealth released their latest game changing electric mountain bike, appropriately named the Stealth P-7R. This latest electric cross country come trail bike promises to add a new dimension to the term “trail blazing” as it leaves its peers in a cloud of dust.

The latest “must have” for your toy collection has drawn its inspiration from the agile, road legal, Stealth P-7 but has been kitted out with a twist grip throttle and an all new drive train to take the fun factor up a level … or six.  Generating a 1500W boost of smooth, yet responsive power and the ability to reach speeds in excess of 45km/h, the new Stealth P-7R will give average riders super hero like powers for up to 150km.

Providing ground support for the P-7R’s performance power train, a fully adjustable suspension package offers 180mm (7”) of front travel backed up by 120mm (5”) of travel on the rear, all finely tune-able to suit any rider’s size or style. Reverse thrust is handled by powerful Magura MT5’s which provide precision performance and maximum safety.

When we asked Stealth’s technical guru Harry Powell what he liked most about the P-7R, he replied without any hesitation – “This beast climbs steep hills like they’re gentle slopes and when you feel like cruising, the rear suspension lockout combined with the freewheeling hub lets you pedal it just like a regular mountain bike.”

Other cool features found on the P-7R include 27.5” wheels, 9 speed gearing for maximised pedal efficiency, a concentric swingarm pivot designed to minimise pedal bob, integrated headlight, ruggedised kickstand and of course Stealth’s signature, lifetime frame warranty.

Whatever the time of day, whatever the season.  Check out the Stealth website for more information or book a test ride with your local Stealth Authorised dealer today.

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