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Stealth Tahoe, Flair Action Sports and Stealth Dealer Ecogreen Solutions

Sea Otter Classic 2018

Stealth Tahoe was on the ground at Sea Otter Classic Monterrey for the second year running. Knows as the world’s premier cycling event and now in its 28th year, the event drew massive crowds.

Attendees were spoilt for choice of activities, from races to stunt shows, product launches and test rides, there was something for everyone. Day one kicked off with the Enduro race on the newly redesigned slalom course and finished with entertainment from the Drop n’ Roll team. Day two was jam packed with races including the second annual eMTB race. Here’s hoping they’ll open the field to Class 2 e-bikes next year we can enter the Stealth P-7. Always a big day at the event, Saturday didn’t disappoint with one of the most popular races, the dual slalom, live music and drink flowing from in Sierra Nevada beer garden. Sunday was amateur day on the tracks with people of all ages testing their skills on the road, circuit and cross country courses.







Scottsdale Off-road Expo

The newest member of the Stealth USA dealership team, EcoGreen Solutions, California took a road trip to the Scottsdale Off-Road Expo, to show the Grand Canyon State the power of the Stealth range.  On show was a huge collection of off-road companies, parts, equipment and gear. From off-road racing to rock crawling, trail riding to sand sports, motorcycles and UTVs to camping and adventure travel, the show had it all. For those of you who missed out, you can catch the EcoGreen team at the Pomona show in September.

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2018 Virgin Australia Supercars Championship

Lucky spectators at the Supercars Championship in Australia were treated to track side entertainment with Stealth pro-rider Jack Field working his Stealth H-52 on the Flair Action Sport demo course. The talented rider showed off his skills on his Stealth H-52, Stealth P-7 and Stealth F-37. Here’s one of our favorite videos of Jack, for old times’ sake.


Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.



Stealth Electric Bikes at International Sportsman’s Expo – Arizona

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Stealth Electric Bikes are exhibiting at the International Sportsman’s Expo & Arizona Boat Show


22-25 March | WestWorld of Scottsdale | Scottsdale, Arizona 

Arizona’s largest boat, outdoor gear, RV, four-wheeler and travel show returns to WestWorld of Scottsdale.


There are free activity areas, including  watersports-event pond, new DockDogs pond and contest, Outdoor Product Showcase, Offroad Test Track, Ride-and-Drive, and giant bass tank…more!


On top of all that action there is Stealth Electric Bikes.  We will be exhibiting our bikes on the stand and be chatting  Stealth all weekend,  come along for an action packed day of outdoor fun and say hello to our dealers Eco-Green who will be manning the stand.













Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.



Stealth Electric Bikes at Sea Otter Classic 2018

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Stealth Electric Bikes are exhibiting at the Sea Otter Classic 2018


19 – 22 April 2018 | Monterey, California | Mazda Raceway Laguna Seca


The Sea Otter Classic is one of the USA’s largest festivals in the cycling calendar and don’t be fooled by the fluffy name, this show has a bite to it.


The Sea Otter Classic started in 1991 with 150 spectators and 350 athletes, since then the festival has grown in popularity, it now draws 75.200 fans and 9,600 athletes.  It is known as a sprawling energetic celebration of cycling and the cycling season opener in North America.


Professional and amateur athletes come from all over the world to compete in most disciplines of cycling including, MTB XC, Down Hill and Dual Slalom, circuit, criterium and road racing.


B-52 Ready and waiting

The Sea Otter Classic also hosts the world’s largest consumer bike exposition in North America. The Expo holds hundreds of vendors who display new products, distribute free samples, and offer great bargains. The four-day, action-packed festival includes an international food court, entertainment, bike demos, stunt shows, and activities for children.


It is at the exposition where you can see Stealth Electric Bikes’ stand diligently manned by Stealth Tahoe. Our B-52, F-37 and P-7 will be on display, so come along and say hello.


19 – 22 April 2018

Monterey, California, USA.






Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.



Stealth donates at The Battlefield

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Where better to donate some of Stealth’s finest artillery than at a charity event hosted at Battlefield Vegas? The third annual Beyond Shot Party in the USA’s inland party capital will see a Stealth F-37 raffled-off to a packed crowd on Wednesday, 20 January.


In direct support of The Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Green Beret Foundation and Raider Project charity organisations, the F-37 will be auctioned alongside an MK-46 machine gun, a Handl Defense Scar 17, and a limited edition Beretta M9. And, while the F-37 is known for its speed and agility, Stealth doesn’t recommend starting a fight with any of the lucky gun winners…

Machine Gun Armory MK46


The event venue, Battlefield Vegas, will make a worthwhile visit on its own. A place where the F-37’s military styling will look right at home, Battlefield is home to Vegas’s largest machine gun range and is veteran owned and operated.


You can even shoot the world’s fastest legal machine gun, unleashing 200 rounds in 1.3 seconds. That’s almost as fast as the F-37.


Beyond Shot will also see special guests, Christmas Abbott and Rudy Reyes in attendance. Like the F-37, both have physiques to die for, and Reyes is well known from the popular HBO mini-series Generation Kill.


Stealth aside, Perhaps the ultimate prize is the chance to crush a car with an M1 Abrams tank – a prize that will be raffled every 30 minutes throughout the evening. So, if you don’t win the F-37, there will be a perfect avenue to take out your frustrations:



As a last resort, though, you can book a test ride at your nearest Stealth dealer.


Stealth Electric Bikes has long been a proud supporter of numerous charity events worldwide, but Beyond Shot is likely to be the most exciting and memorable to date. It comes just days after the official end of the Stealth team’s USA Tour, but it’s merely the start of even more Stealth activity in North America.


Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.


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Hitting the road, USA style

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We’re hitting the USA. Hard and charged, right now, and led by our company founder and MD, John Karambalis. From the 10th of December, the Stealth team has been road-tripping across the Land of Dreams, and it’s not too late to jump in on the test ride action, as our finest bikes are eagerly awaiting pilots.


With test ride enquiries from our loyal US fan base piling up, it’s long been time to do something significant about it. It’s our biggest market and one of our greatest focus areas, and with our dealer network tweaked and tuned, we’ve kicked off in Cali’ and we’re rolling hot until the 20th of January, 2016.


Test rides are where the first steps toward Stealth ownership are made. Riders generally step off their pedal-powered mountain bike, curious about how the fusion of electric power can enrich their riding experience, or they side-step from their petrol-powered heavyweight, eager to slay tighter trails with more vigour and tenacity than their 220lb dirt-squirter can allow.


Or, in an increasing number of cases, they simply revel in the plethora of technology cloaked in the Stealth bikes’ handcrafted steel skin, and they’re new to the extreme end of two-wheeled engineering.


Many Stealth riders, even, are a combination of all these things.


Hollywood image


All of these prospective Stealth owners are scattered across much of the US landscape, and most of them have some of the finest off-road riding terrain just a short trip from their front door. It’s you whom we’re eagerly waiting to meet: our qualified answers to your questions and curiosities are primed at the ready; our bikes are charged and their suspension fine-tuned; and with local Stealth dealer knowledge also at hand, we can even point you toward some of the ultimate terrain to showcase Stealth’s capability and riding prowess.


You can follow progress via the tour map right here, where the basic route map is also shown. Or, jump straight into registering your interest via this sign-up link and we’ll do our best to make sure you’re included in all the action.


It’s a rare opportunity to delve deep into the heart of the Stealth mission, all whist sampling the latest high-power hybrid-electric technology the company has to offer, guided by the hands of the very team tasked with the ongoing refinement and development of the widely-acclaimed designs.


Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid-electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.


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Stealth partners with Russian billionaire for lunar assault

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April 1, 2015 – Stealth Electric Bikes has today announced the completion of a landmark deal with extravagant Russian billionaire Vladmir Cherkoff, founder of Первоапрельской. Widely regarded as the Dan Bilzerian of Russia, Cherkoff has now successfully lobbied the Stealth team for support in making his prodigal space tourism plans a reality.



As an amateur motocross rider himself, Cherkoff has taken much interest in Stealth Electric Bikes, and approached the team in 2013 with an outlandish vision of creating a lunar motocross track for space tourists.


In a recent interview, Cherkoff offered his eye-opening vision to the public for the first time: “Imagine the possibilities… we have an environment where gravity is 1/6th of that on planet earth, so our customers can pull off the biggest jumps, whips, drifts and tail grabs in the galaxy, and if they don’t land properly, an 80kg rider will hit the surface weighing only 13kg.


“The fact that Stealth bikes are already virtually silent means that it would feel very similar to riding on earth, but with a view and airtime that only our customers will ever experience.”


Unlike conventional internal combustion engines, Cherkoff asserted, Stealth bikes don’t require the presence of liquid fuel and oxygen to generate power, so they have the ability to operate in adverse atmospheric conditions – particularly those found on the moon. With an abundance of sunlight, the absence of clouds, and a recharge time of two hours, the intense solar energy found on the moon can be harnessed to keep the fleet charged and ready to ride.


Stealth CEO John Karambalis had the following to say: “The entire Stealth team is very pleased that Vlad and I have managed to come up with the formula for this wildly exclusive program. The concept aligns itself perfectly with the fun factor that you get when riding our bikes on Earth.


“I know I’ve certainly got my hand up to be on the first mission alongside Jarryd McNeil and Jack Field, where we will be constructing what I can only describe as a Mega-Lunar-Cross track, designed by well-known trail designer, Simon French from fellow Australian-based company Dirt Art. We’re now hard at it working through the modifications that we need to make to the bikes.


“The guys at Mountain Racing Products are helping to get our Groove 200 forks dialled-in, and we’re speaking to some earth-bound helmet manufacturers to supply the lightweight riding gear capable of protecting our riders against the intensities of space, whilst also supplying them with the oxygen they require.


“On the moon, our 10 inches of suspension travel will translate to 60 inches of suspension travel, and the agility of the bikes will mean that once we get our FMX boys into orbit, the sky will literally no longer be the limit.”


When pressed about how and when the crew and equipment will reach the moon, Karambalis simply said, “I guess you’ll need to ask Vlad those questions, but you might be surprised to learn that he won’t be the first privateer to land on the moon – he’ll actually be the third, but only the first to leak any details to the public.”


Calls to Cherkoff’s office reportedly resulted in a busy dial tone all day today as media outlets worldwide scrambled for information on what can only be described as one of the most outlandish lunar undertakings ever.


And finally, in a shock comment about her boss’s ongoing playboy rivalry with American Bilzerian, Cherkoff’s personal assistant Veri Loos went on the record today, stating that “The Bilzerian fellow is just a spit in the ocean, a mere millionaire who spends too much time in the gym – Vlad will clearly show him who’s in charge this time.”


Stay tuned for more updates and the very exciting release of the first round of tickets to what will quite literally be a world-beating event.

Jack Field set to wow the crowd at Moto Expo

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Renowned motorbike trials rider Jack Field will climb aboard his Stealth H-52 Hurricane for a series of eye-opening demos at this weekend’s Troy Bayliss Moto Expo at the Melbourne Showgrounds.

Field, who has a long association with Stealth Electric Bikes, will be showcasing his world-class skills from the 28th to the 30th of November, spearheading the three-day long event, which is the largest of its kind in Victoria.


The event will cover a 30,000sqm area, including an indoor hall that will house over 100 exhibitors; one of which will be Stealth Electric Bikes, where the latest B-52 Bomber, H-52 Hurricane and F-37 Fighter models will be on display.


Spectators will be able to see Field working his H-52 Hurricane to its full potential on a purpose-built demo course, similar to those seen in the many promotional videos starring the talented rider aboard his 5200 Watt “Black Ace” rocket.


Stealth’s Global Sales Manager Theresa Mischkulnig says that Field is such a great ambassador for the Stealth brand because he genuinely showcases the versatility of the Stealth bikes.

“We have countless videos of high-end Stealth riders carving up off-road trails because they’re the natural habitat for our bikes, but Jack proves that riders needn’t just restrict their use to the trails alone – you can take a Stealth bike pretty much anywhere and have a load of fun in the process.”


Field’s H-52 Hurricane has no special modifications and uses an off-the-shelf specification, demonstrating the durability of the model straight off the factory floor.


For riders wanting to mimic Field’s antics, says Mischkulnig, Stealth offers the semi-slick Schwalbe Crazy Bob tyre package; a soft-compound option, which uses a knurled tread pattern with a particularly rounded profile to offer extreme amounts of grip on asphalt services.


“The Crazy Bob is a no-cost option, which is specified by around 10% of Stealth’s customers globally; some riders even request both sets of tyres, as they wish to enjoy their Stealth across a number of different trail and tarmac environments,” adds Mischkulnig.


For motorbike and Stealth fans alike, tickets to Moto Expo can be purchased online or at the gate on the day of the event. Motorcycle parking is free, with cars costing just $10 for the day.


Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52 Bomber, F-37 Fighter, and H-52 Hurricane available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.

Electric motorsport legends charge into Christchurch

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Christchurch is gearing up for a knockout shock as three living legends of electric motorsport prepare to descend on the city on Saturday, November 29.

High-velocity stalwarts Eva Håkansson, Bill Dube and Kevin Clemens will have their record-breaking electric vehicles on display at the Chapman Castle event in Tai Tapu, which kicks off at 3pm.


Needing little introduction, Håkansson’s electric motorcycle “Killajoule” is currently the fastest of its kind in the world, having topped out at 434km/h, and it will be joined on display by Dube’s “Killacycle”, which holds its own record for the fastest accelerating electric motorcycle.


Minnesota-based Clemens rounds out the record-making trio, holding some 11 world, US national and US east coast land speed records set on electric motorcycles engineered in his own workshop.


Stealth Electric Bikes will be joining these and other big names alongside the B-52 Bomber and F-37 Fighter on show at their stand, which will be located in the “Plug-In” display zone.


Renowned FMX rider Luke Smith will be leading the parade and spectators will have a good chance of seeing him show off his B-52 Bomber on the ramps.


For the many aspiring Stealth pilots in New Zealand, the event will be a great opportunity to inspect the Stealth bikes up close, as well as discuss upcoming test ride opportunities.


Obvious advocates of electric-powered transport, Stealth Electric Bikes encourages its New Zealand fans to attend the event and listen to the inspirational stories of the guest speakers.


With Killajoule proven to reach a maximum speed more than five times faster than Stealth’s own rocketship, the B-52 Bomber, Håkansson is sure to have some memorable tales to tell.


The event is a fundraiser promoted by EVolicity, an initiative of the Associ­ation for the Promotion of Electric Vehicles (APEV), which aims to further the EV cause in New Zealand. Any profits from the Chapman Castle event will go toward the enhancement of EVolocity’s 2015 promotional programme.


Tickets for the event are $150 (NZ) per person and can be purchased online from EVolocity.       


EVolocity Event