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Stealth Puts Trails Under Lights

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Stealth Electric Bikes has launched a new, ultra-bright lighting kit as a direct-mount option for each of its three e-bike models, and is offering the kits for free with every new bike order this month.


The 1720-lumen twin-beam package clamps straight onto the handlebars, meaning riders can now carve trails night and day, regardless of the conditions.


“Night riding is a whole new experience, but something a lot of Stealth riders don’t even consider – given the speed our bikes can reach, pilots really need to see where they’re going. Our new lighting kit changes all of this, as our bikes can now take on the trails 24-hours a day,” said Stealth’s sales manager Theresa Moolenschot.


Supporting the kit’s huge lighting output is a 20-hour runtime, and a beam that reaches up to 270 metres into the distance, meaning riders will be well-prepared for whatever lies ahead.


The lighting kit release coincides with a hive of other activity in the Stealth Electric Bikes factory, including a full model refresh, which has seen the newly-named B-52 Bomber and H-52 Hurricane’s respective power outputs cranked up to 5200 Watts. At the same time, the F-37 Fighter has adopted a fresh moniker, backed up by a power boost to 3700 Watts.


“We’ve really cemented our reputation as a world-class e-bike manufacturer now, and we receive some really encouraging feedback from our riders, so now it’s a case of further refining what we do, and making the Stealth experience even better than it is already,” said Stealth’s managing director John Karambalis.


Alongside the significant product developments is the new Stealth Hangar, the company’s revitalised website platform, which contains all the latest bike specs, colour options and dealer information, as well as a full run-down on the new lighting kit.


And there is more to come, too, adds Moolenschot in closing, while encouraging Stealth fans to follow the company on its many social media channels, where she says much of the latest Stealth news is broken first.


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The 2015 Stealth Hangar Opens its Doors

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Stealth Electric Bikes has opened the doors on its new Digital Hangar, an interactive website designed to provide users a unique showcase of its widely-acclaimed range.


With a military vibe dominating the theme of the Hangar, Stealth aims to illustrate the precision of its handcrafted bikes, whilst also echoing the silent and purposeful nature of its products, named after the fabled covert-combat aircraft.


“Our new site is the result of more than a year of feedback from our global client base, all of whom wanted more images and more information on our bikes, and this is just the beginning, as we have loads more updates planned for the coming months,” said Stealth’s sales manager Theresa Moolenschot.


Opening the doors to the Hangar reveals a face-lifted model range, headlined by significant power increases across the entire range, with maximum outputs heading north to 5200 Watts (5.2 kW) for both the newly-named B-52 Bomber and H-52 Hurricane.


At the same time, the equally-updated F-37 Fighter receives a performance boost to 3700 Watts (3.7kW), taking its corner entry speeds to the next level, whilst retaining its benchmark manoeuvrability.


Coinciding with the launch, Stealth pilot Jarryd McNeill took the new B-52 for a casual shakedown, heralding the new performance as “pretty mind-blowing”, with all the action caught right here on film.


With Stealth’s new models elevating the e-bike performance standard even higher, the Digital Hangar has also made it easier to request a test ride and learn just why the range is so highly regarded.


“We receive an unprecedented amount of questions about our bikes, but most of these are best answered by simply taking one for a spin. Our new site ensures test ride requests are quick and easy, even when you’re browsing on a mobile phone, which we know most of our social media subscribers are,” said Moolenschot.


Aspiring pilots can also locate and contact their nearest Stealth dealer via the updated dealer directory page, which contains information on the worldwide dealer network, alongside links to their dedicated websites.


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