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The Stealth B-52 is one of the most impressive off-road electric bikes on the market, and fundamental to its success is the nine-speed sequential gearbox, the V-Boxx. Designed in Germany for fluidity and performance, the V-Boxx improves range and efficiency all in total silence. Ready to take your ride to the next level?

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Stealth donates at The Battlefield

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Where better to donate some of Stealth’s finest artillery than at a charity event hosted at Battlefield Vegas? The third annual Beyond Shot Party in the USA’s inland party capital will see a Stealth F-37 raffled-off to a packed crowd on Wednesday, 20 January.


In direct support of The Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Green Beret Foundation and Raider Project charity organisations, the F-37 will be auctioned alongside an MK-46 machine gun, a Handl Defense Scar 17, and a limited edition Beretta M9. And, while the F-37 is known for its speed and agility, Stealth doesn’t recommend starting a fight with any of the lucky gun winners…

Machine Gun Armory MK46


The event venue, Battlefield Vegas, will make a worthwhile visit on its own. A place where the F-37’s military styling will look right at home, Battlefield is home to Vegas’s largest machine gun range and is veteran owned and operated.


You can even shoot the world’s fastest legal machine gun, unleashing 200 rounds in 1.3 seconds. That’s almost as fast as the F-37.


Beyond Shot will also see special guests, Christmas Abbott and Rudy Reyes in attendance. Like the F-37, both have physiques to die for, and Reyes is well known from the popular HBO mini-series Generation Kill.


Stealth aside, Perhaps the ultimate prize is the chance to crush a car with an M1 Abrams tank – a prize that will be raffled every 30 minutes throughout the evening. So, if you don’t win the F-37, there will be a perfect avenue to take out your frustrations:



As a last resort, though, you can book a test ride at your nearest Stealth dealer.


Stealth Electric Bikes has long been a proud supporter of numerous charity events worldwide, but Beyond Shot is likely to be the most exciting and memorable to date. It comes just days after the official end of the Stealth team’s USA Tour, but it’s merely the start of even more Stealth activity in North America.


Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.


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Stealth partners with Russian billionaire for lunar assault

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April 1, 2015 – Stealth Electric Bikes has today announced the completion of a landmark deal with extravagant Russian billionaire Vladmir Cherkoff, founder of Первоапрельской. Widely regarded as the Dan Bilzerian of Russia, Cherkoff has now successfully lobbied the Stealth team for support in making his prodigal space tourism plans a reality.



As an amateur motocross rider himself, Cherkoff has taken much interest in Stealth Electric Bikes, and approached the team in 2013 with an outlandish vision of creating a lunar motocross track for space tourists.


In a recent interview, Cherkoff offered his eye-opening vision to the public for the first time: “Imagine the possibilities… we have an environment where gravity is 1/6th of that on planet earth, so our customers can pull off the biggest jumps, whips, drifts and tail grabs in the galaxy, and if they don’t land properly, an 80kg rider will hit the surface weighing only 13kg.


“The fact that Stealth bikes are already virtually silent means that it would feel very similar to riding on earth, but with a view and airtime that only our customers will ever experience.”


Unlike conventional internal combustion engines, Cherkoff asserted, Stealth bikes don’t require the presence of liquid fuel and oxygen to generate power, so they have the ability to operate in adverse atmospheric conditions – particularly those found on the moon. With an abundance of sunlight, the absence of clouds, and a recharge time of two hours, the intense solar energy found on the moon can be harnessed to keep the fleet charged and ready to ride.


Stealth CEO John Karambalis had the following to say: “The entire Stealth team is very pleased that Vlad and I have managed to come up with the formula for this wildly exclusive program. The concept aligns itself perfectly with the fun factor that you get when riding our bikes on Earth.


“I know I’ve certainly got my hand up to be on the first mission alongside Jarryd McNeil and Jack Field, where we will be constructing what I can only describe as a Mega-Lunar-Cross track, designed by well-known trail designer, Simon French from fellow Australian-based company Dirt Art. We’re now hard at it working through the modifications that we need to make to the bikes.


“The guys at Mountain Racing Products are helping to get our Groove 200 forks dialled-in, and we’re speaking to some earth-bound helmet manufacturers to supply the lightweight riding gear capable of protecting our riders against the intensities of space, whilst also supplying them with the oxygen they require.


“On the moon, our 10 inches of suspension travel will translate to 60 inches of suspension travel, and the agility of the bikes will mean that once we get our FMX boys into orbit, the sky will literally no longer be the limit.”


When pressed about how and when the crew and equipment will reach the moon, Karambalis simply said, “I guess you’ll need to ask Vlad those questions, but you might be surprised to learn that he won’t be the first privateer to land on the moon – he’ll actually be the third, but only the first to leak any details to the public.”


Calls to Cherkoff’s office reportedly resulted in a busy dial tone all day today as media outlets worldwide scrambled for information on what can only be described as one of the most outlandish lunar undertakings ever.


And finally, in a shock comment about her boss’s ongoing playboy rivalry with American Bilzerian, Cherkoff’s personal assistant Veri Loos went on the record today, stating that “The Bilzerian fellow is just a spit in the ocean, a mere millionaire who spends too much time in the gym – Vlad will clearly show him who’s in charge this time.”


Stay tuned for more updates and the very exciting release of the first round of tickets to what will quite literally be a world-beating event.

100% Stealth performance for 0% finance? That’s right

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Let’s set the scene: it’s always hard to hide that savings account from your wife… You know, the one where you’ve quietly been stashing cash to drop on your new 2015 Stealth? Well, stress no longer: with a 50% upfront deposit, we can hand you a fresh set of keys and put the balance on a 0% interest loan for a whole year.


It’s an offer specifically for our Australian customers, as we know you’re big on high-powered toys and we also know that getting approval from The Boss to buy even more can be a very tough sell.


If you’ve ever taken the time to delve into how much interest you’re paying on that car loan of yours (it’s got to be pushing 8%, or more), or how the bank finds a plethora of creative ways to load fees onto your interest-laden mortgage, you’ll very quickly appreciate the generosity of our offer.


Of course, we’ve timed it especially well, too: as our factory charges up for an exciting year of fresh 2015-plate Stealth production, our B-52 Bombers, F-37 Fighters and H-52 Hurricanes are ready and waiting to be boxed-up and shipped to your nearest dealer.


If you’re looking to get creative, too, our range of Stealth Upgrades can also be applied to our financed bikes, meaning you can spec-up your new toy with MRP’s finest Groove 200 upside-down forks and also have us bolt on some four-piston bling in the form of the Magura MT7 braking package.


Colours? Well, they’re okay, too, so if you’re looking to replicate some of our showcase models with custom rim and coil spring colours, we can also loop these upgrades into the finance deal. What’s more, we won’t even tell your wife.


2014 was a record year for us: we sold more bikes to more countries; produced more videos and thrilled more new customers. For 2015, we can add you to the list, so drop us a line now and we’ll get you all charged up.


The 2015 Stealth finance deal is an ongoing offer that is specifically for Australian customers only. It includes a 0% interest rate for a 12-month period after the upfront payment of a 50% deposit. Applications are subject to credit approval, as well as creditor’s terms and conditions, all of which are available through your Stealth dealer, or directly from our head office.


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DON’T FORGET, TOO: if you order during February and March, 2015, you can also take advantage of our free Sony Action Cam deal!


Sony action cam with wrist band


Stealth in High Definition: Free HD Camera Promotion

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Stealth Electric Bikes is giving away a free Sony Action Cam, with helmet mount, handlebar mount and live stream remote, with every bike ordered between 1 February and 31 March, 2015.


Interested? Surely you remember that time you nailed your line through the toughest section on your favourite trail, the time you just brushed up against your limits, but pulled through in one piece? These moments are what riding is all about, but it’s capturing them on camera that’s the hardest thing – your mates never believe you otherwise.


The action camera market has exploded in recent years and Stealth pilots, too, have shared some eye-opening footage online: from high-velocity two-wheel drifts, to backflips, we’ve seen the Stealth bikes pushed to the limit, all in high-definition. Now it’s your turn.


If you’ve looked on in awe and decided it’s time to secure a Stealth of your own, you’ll be all set to record your own off-road assault with the HDR-AS100V mounted directly to your handlebars.


Sony action cam with wrist band


With your B-52 Bomber, F-37 Fighter, or H-52 Hurricane wound up to full power, you can also be sure that the Action Cam’s advanced BIONZ X processer, backed by a 50Mbps bit transfer rate, will capture all your adventures in maximum clarity, even when you’re chasing top speed in low-light conditions.


The ultra-wide angle 170-degree Carl Zeiss lens also ensures no detail of the trail is missed. You can even rely on the unique Live-View Remote kit to support your camera setup, with on-the-fly video instantly transferred to your wristband using Bluetooth technology – try doing this on your GoPro.


And the feature set gets better, with the ability live-stream your footage directly to your iOS- or Android-powered smartphone, for instant upload to social media. Want to use your tablet? You can stream directly via Wi-Fi as well.


So, now that you’re really interested, you can click straight to the dealer page and locate your nearest Stealth Partner today. The offer stands only while stocks last and is available right across our global dealer network.


Fly under the radar and then go public? It’s the best of both worlds, just like our bikes.


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Stealth: getting Thanksgiving cranking

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In celebration of the Thanksgiving holiday, Stealth Electric Bikes will be giving away a crankset to three US pilots who send in the best photo of their Stealth bike in action.


The offer will run from the Thanksgiving holiday until the end of November, giving Stealth owners time to craft the perfect shot. Photos will be voted on by the Stealth factory staff, who will be looking for images that best showcase the hard-core potential of the bikes they create.


The promotion, appropriately named “Cranksgiving”, is to give thanks to Stealth’s growing US battalion who willingly support the company’s expanding dealer network.


“Our friends in the USA are big fans of progressive technology, so they have really embraced the Stealth range and frequently send us encouraging feedback,” says Stealth’s managing director John Karambalis.


To account for the ongoing take-up in the US market, the team at Stealth’s Australian headquarters is working even more closely with its US dealer network, looking to support them in any way possible.


“Our US dealer group is progressively growing to support the demand and it’s something we’re really excited about, for we know The States has a huge range of riding terrain that is seemingly tailor-made for our bikes,” says Stealth’s global sales manager Theresa Mischkulnig.


The prize cranksets are identical to those found on the B-52 Bomber and F-37 Fighter models, and will make a worthy addition to a die-hard Stealth pilot’s spare parts arsenal… or a neat addition to their trophy cabinet.


More importantly, Cranksgiving is just another incentive for pilots to charge up their Stealth and to spend their holiday on the trails.


With that, the whole Stealth team wishes their US supporters a very happy Cranksgiving, and looks forward to seeing their handcrafted bikes in action.


Entrants can submit their images to sales@stealthelectricbikes.com.  

Stealth Puts Trails Under Lights

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Stealth Electric Bikes has launched a new, ultra-bright lighting kit as a direct-mount option for each of its three e-bike models, and is offering the kits for free with every new bike order this month.


The 1720-lumen twin-beam package clamps straight onto the handlebars, meaning riders can now carve trails night and day, regardless of the conditions.


“Night riding is a whole new experience, but something a lot of Stealth riders don’t even consider – given the speed our bikes can reach, pilots really need to see where they’re going. Our new lighting kit changes all of this, as our bikes can now take on the trails 24-hours a day,” said Stealth’s sales manager Theresa Moolenschot.


Supporting the kit’s huge lighting output is a 20-hour runtime, and a beam that reaches up to 270 metres into the distance, meaning riders will be well-prepared for whatever lies ahead.


The lighting kit release coincides with a hive of other activity in the Stealth Electric Bikes factory, including a full model refresh, which has seen the newly-named B-52 Bomber and H-52 Hurricane’s respective power outputs cranked up to 5200 Watts. At the same time, the F-37 Fighter has adopted a fresh moniker, backed up by a power boost to 3700 Watts.


“We’ve really cemented our reputation as a world-class e-bike manufacturer now, and we receive some really encouraging feedback from our riders, so now it’s a case of further refining what we do, and making the Stealth experience even better than it is already,” said Stealth’s managing director John Karambalis.


Alongside the significant product developments is the new Stealth Hangar, the company’s revitalised website platform, which contains all the latest bike specs, colour options and dealer information, as well as a full run-down on the new lighting kit.


And there is more to come, too, adds Moolenschot in closing, while encouraging Stealth fans to follow the company on its many social media channels, where she says much of the latest Stealth news is broken first.


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