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Introducing California’s Stealth utopia

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Owning a Stealth bike is a utopian dream for many extreme sports junkies all over the globe. They lust over the hardcore, box-section frame, the moto-style upside down forks, and they even buy a Stealth keyring for their car keys, just to serve as an everyday reminder. Fittingly, Stealth’s latest USA dealer, Motopia, exists to serve anyone passionate about two-wheeled sports. As their name suggests, they’re a utopia for Californians just like you.


From humble beginnings in a vacant, 1400 square foot warehouse in San Bernardino, Motopia has expanded to now cover two locations in Marin and Riverside, CA, where they’re surrounded by some world-renowned off-road terrain.


Mountain biking fanatics will know the Marin name well; its association with one of the first ever mountain bike brands (with which it shares a name) proves just how important the region is for two-wheeled adventurers. Fittingly, then, it’s the ideal terrain for new Stealth owners to acclimatise with their purchases, giving them space to dial up full power in open terrain.


“I don’t think anyone would be surprised to know that there is a massive Stealth fan base in wider Cali’,” said Stealth’s Sales Manager, Theresa Mischkulnig. “They have mountains and world-class riding terrain within a very short drive of their nearest Stealth dealer, which also creates some very inspiring test ride opportunities.”

Motopia 2


Head just 21 miles north-west of Motopia’s Marin branch, and you’ll arrive in Marin County, The Birthplace of Mountain Biking, and a rich network of well-worn trails that have seen the tyres of some of the finest riders on earth.


“Marin County is heaven for Stealth bikes”, said Motopia’s CEO, Justin Rastegar, “and the number of calls we’re getting already is a good reflection of that.” But this goes a long way toward explaining the changes we’re seeing as technology begins to impact the mountain biking and motor biking worlds alike.


“If you think about it, Marin is one of our newest Stealth markets because it’s home to such a robust and well-established traditional mountain biking community – these are guys and girls that have taken time to be convinced that our technology is the real deal, and that it’s making a huge contribution to their sport,” added Stealth CTO, John Karambalis.


“These very guys and girls are now buying our bikes in droves, which is hugely satisfying for us – it’s validation that we’ve taken the mountain bike experience and wound it up to 11.”


Motopia’s customers, then, are facing what can only be described as an idealistic landscape for Stealth ownership – literally. They have fast, flowing and fine-tuned terrain just a stone’s throw from their local Stealth home, and this home is one family-owned and family-run, committed to bringing you a Stealth experience of your own.




Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.



“Houston, do you read me? The Stealth range has landed.”

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“Houston, we had a problem.” To date, there has been no Stealth Electric Bikes dealer in the outer space capital of the USA, but the big news is that that’s just changed: welcome Texas Yamaha, the latest addition to a flourishing line-up of US-based Stealth dealers.


Texas Yamaha has a commanding footprint across the city of Houston, with their three showrooms – Pasadena, Texas City, and Webster – all home to Stealth Electric Bikes’ finest metal.


“It’s quite fitting that we now have a solid presence in Houston,” said Stealth’s Sales Manager, Theresa Mischkulnig. “Although, I feel like our bikes probably belong even more at NASA than they do at a powersports dealer, but hey, you’ve got to start somewhere.”


Texas Yamaha’s Sales Manager, Bo, is just as upbeat about presenting a new model line-up to his customers. “Yamaha is surely the most recognised motorcycle brand in the USA, so it’s only fitting that we match it with the most respected electric bike brand, too,” he said.


Stealth is rapidly amassing a cult following in the USA. As terrain for using petrol-powered trail bikes becomes even more regulated and controlled, the near-silent aggression of the Australian-made machines means they fly past park rangers and hikers, almost undetected.


“An increasing number of our buyers come to the brand for its market-leading technology, and I guess you could say that these are ‘tech head’ riders”, said Stealth’s founder, John Karambalis, “but we’re beginning to attract a new dimension of fans, too, and they’re the guys and girls who just want ride fast without gaining unwanted attention”.


It’s this new breed of two-wheeled junkies that Texas Yamaha is looking to attract into their showrooms, and the ability to offer the finest petrol-powered machines alongside Stealth’s world-class electric and hybrid-electric technology, means they have a sure-fire chance of meeting the demands of a very diverse market.


“We’re already seeing two main customer groups taking the most interest in Stealth bikes: one doesn’t have a huge amount of experience with traditional dirt bikes; and the other has grown up riding them, but is starting to look for something new,” said Bo.


Bo’s experience is not dissimilar to most other Stealth dealers across the globe, and the customisable power outputs of each Stealth model ensure you can keep the rule-makers happy by switching down the power at the push of a button… only to switch it straight back up again when you’re off the open road.


It’s the technology that adds unparalleled levels of refinement to the Stealth’s decidedly bomb-proof chassis, creating an overall package that’s fast and finessed all at the same time. It’s technology that wouldn’t look out of place at NASA, so it seems Stealth’s arrival in Houston means the brand really has found a second home.


So, if you’re in Houston, get into Texas Yamaha for a test ride, and you’ll quickly learn why Stealth is the USA’s premium e-bike of choice.




Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.



There’s a new Heat in my Miami: enter Miami Electric Bikes

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With Stealth’s epic USA Grand Tour completed, and the brand fresh in the minds of North America’s flourishing action sports community, the USA dealer network continues to expand, with Miami Electric Bikes being the most recent addition to the global supply chain.


The South Beach based retailer was established back in 2012 and has steadily grown its product range to become a 30-brand superstore, all in the one location. While also offering daily rentals and a wide range of accessories, Miami Electric Bikes’ focus is to remain at the forefront of e-bike sales, stocking everything riders need, and all the brands they aspire to own.


And this is why the team is now spearheading their range with the full arsenal of Stealth products.


“We have bikes to suit every type of e-bike enthusiast, but for those with more extreme taste, the Stealth B-52 is proving to be the ultimate head-turner,” said the store’s co-founder Balam Cardona.


Miami Electric Bikes’ first Stealth stock run sold out in just three days and the team is now preparing for their next delivery of B-52s, due in early April. But never fear, said Sales Manager Henry Angulo, as “we still have our demo bike in store for anyone who wants to drop by for a test ride, but bring a helmet because this beast is not for the faint hearted”.


Like all Stealth dealers, then, the Miami Electric Bikes team is a group of fast learners – one of many whose first ride on a Stealth left them wide-eyed. They round out a group of nine specialised Stealth dealers in the USA, spanning much of the country, with a further two dedicated to servicing Canada.


“We receive an immense amount of interest from prospective new dealers”, said Stealth Sales Manager Theresa Mischkulnig, “but we’ve really started to focus in on further enhancing quality, knowledge, and service within the network”.


“The Stealth products are becoming increasingly specialised, particularly with features like the DC-1 Monitoring System, so this is another reason our customers will be experiencing even more specialised knowledge and experience when interacting with their local dealers,” added Mischkulnig.


“This focus is all part of reinforcing the end-to-end experience for our customers: we want buying a Stealth to be almost as exciting as riding one.”


So, if you’re in Miami and looking to overload on adrenaline, contact them now for a ride.



Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.



Stealth donates at The Battlefield

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Where better to donate some of Stealth’s finest artillery than at a charity event hosted at Battlefield Vegas? The third annual Beyond Shot Party in the USA’s inland party capital will see a Stealth F-37 raffled-off to a packed crowd on Wednesday, 20 January.


In direct support of The Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Green Beret Foundation and Raider Project charity organisations, the F-37 will be auctioned alongside an MK-46 machine gun, a Handl Defense Scar 17, and a limited edition Beretta M9. And, while the F-37 is known for its speed and agility, Stealth doesn’t recommend starting a fight with any of the lucky gun winners…

Machine Gun Armory MK46


The event venue, Battlefield Vegas, will make a worthwhile visit on its own. A place where the F-37’s military styling will look right at home, Battlefield is home to Vegas’s largest machine gun range and is veteran owned and operated.


You can even shoot the world’s fastest legal machine gun, unleashing 200 rounds in 1.3 seconds. That’s almost as fast as the F-37.


Beyond Shot will also see special guests, Christmas Abbott and Rudy Reyes in attendance. Like the F-37, both have physiques to die for, and Reyes is well known from the popular HBO mini-series Generation Kill.


Stealth aside, Perhaps the ultimate prize is the chance to crush a car with an M1 Abrams tank – a prize that will be raffled every 30 minutes throughout the evening. So, if you don’t win the F-37, there will be a perfect avenue to take out your frustrations:



As a last resort, though, you can book a test ride at your nearest Stealth dealer.


Stealth Electric Bikes has long been a proud supporter of numerous charity events worldwide, but Beyond Shot is likely to be the most exciting and memorable to date. It comes just days after the official end of the Stealth team’s USA Tour, but it’s merely the start of even more Stealth activity in North America.


Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52, F-37, and H-52 available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.


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Stealth recruiting new pilots in the USA

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Every year, Stealth Electric Bikes is sharpening the aim of its dealer network, with even more premium dealers entering the crosshairs. The Land of Opportunity is taking off in the second half of 2015, as record numbers of the world’s fastest electric bikes are prepared for launch.


“Judging by the demand, the USA is becoming increasingly receptive to the high-end technology our bikes bring to the table,” said Stealth’s CEO John Karambalis.


What Stealth’s founder is alluding to is the US market’s willingness to embrace innovation, especially when it means more speed, more thrills, and more time riding some of the world’s most diverse terrain.


“We’ve been focussing heavily on everything from ramping up production through to closer interaction with our fast growing customer base – their feedback is leading to the ongoing development of our products and will spawn some exciting new material in the coming months,” said Stealth’s sales manager Theresa Mischkulnig.


In late 2014, Stealth made the bold move of centralising its global operations within its Melbourne-based HQ. This has led to the formation of a faster and more efficient research and development stream, alongside a new factory, where the company’s renowned handcrafted production has hit an amplified velocity.


The move has been progressively aligning to Stealth’s larger objective to drastically increase brand presence in North America, landing more of its product in the renewed dealer forecourts, whilst also seeing a ramp-up in custom builds and special requests.


“Momentum is gaining in the USA with thousands of hits to our website every month. We’re working on backing this up with a larger dealer network which will give us more scope for test rides and demonstrations.” said Mischkulnig.


Putting customers behind the ‘bars of Stealth’s bikes is something that will never change, as this is where prospective pilots quickly learn of the excitement that comes with Stealth ownership.


“It’s honestly rare for any genuine buyer to take a test ride and not follow it through with an order. This is great for us, but even when they’re not yet ready to buy, they spread the message that premium e-bikes are a must have, and this is what our company thrives on,” said Karambalis.


One of the most exciting aspects of the US market is the geographic scale and diverse terrain of the country. The Stealth team made particular mention of the fact that test rides are requested daily from all over the nation meaning distribution must be spread out to accommodate this.


Mischkulnig outlined a clear strategy to continue focussing the company’s distribution in outdoor adventure hot spots, placing more Stealth bikes in front of the US’s most adventurous riders, and openly advocating her test ride program in the process.


“It’s about putting the best riders on the best electric bikes. We’ve been doing it for a few years now, and we know there are even more undiscovered riders in the US. The next six months and beyond is all about finding them.”


Stealth Electric Bikes encourages riders to experience the future in hybrid electric bike technology, with the Stealth B-52 Bomber, F-37 Fighter, and H-52 Hurricane available for test ride via our global distribution partners. Contact us today to find your nearest dealer.


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