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Caroline Buchanan stars in a Stealth motion picture

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What do Stealth Electric Bikes and multiple world champion rider Caroline Buchanan have in common? They’re both representative of The Shape of Things to Come: quiet and unassuming Australians putting the land down-under firmly on the New World map.


Months in the making, The Shape of Things to Come is a short film that pits Buchanan and the venerable Stealth B-52 Bomber against the forces of petrol-powered evil.


Set just a short drive from Stealth’s global production facility in Victoria, Australia, the film was spawned on the back of Stealth’s close ties with Buchanan, whose phenomenal success on the global BMX and MTB circuits has seen her land five world titles across both disciplines.


Buchanan puts her riding skills to good use in the movie, too, leveraging the B-52’s prodigious ability to cover ground at speed to leave the Old World motorbike technology in her wake.

Caroline Buchanan on a Stealth Bike


“Making the movie with the Stealth crew was great fun; I got to kick butt – literally – and thrash the fastest thing with pedals on earth,” said Buchanan, whose qualified input will have a key influence on Stealth Electric Bikes’ ongoing product development.


“There are very few successful bike manufacturers in Australia”, added Buchanan, “so I’m especially excited to have involvement with the Stealth team while they continue to churn out a truly world-class product”.


In a world where fuel is an increasingly expensive resource and regulations are spoiling the fun for traditional motorbike enduro riding, The Shape of Things to Come is an entertaining but timely reminder of just why Stealth Electric Bikes was born, and also why the company continues to extend its worldwide sales reach.


“The movie is all about putting a creative and entertaining spin on what has actually been a major driver behind many of our sales,” says Stealth’s managing director John Karambalis. “Everyone wants to go faster with less hassles, lower maintenance, and less attention from the authorities.”


In the case of Buchanan’s star role, though, she decided to combat the “authorities” with a kick in the guts and a backhand to the face – oh, and a taste of how hybrid-electric acceleration leaves old-school petrol power in its wake.


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