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Rear Suspension

120mm of air adjustable rear
suspension helps pilots of
any weight soak up the hits
whether it's uphill, downhill
or anywhere in between.


Magura MT5 hydraulic
calipers combined with large
203mm rotors provide
strong, predictable braking
precision in any situation.


With 180mm travel on the SR
Suntour's fully adjustable
front end, the Durolux R2C2
the P-7R is poised and ready
for off-road adventure.


9 pedal speeds and provide a
broad gear range for fast
descents, steep climbs and
all round high speed action.


9 pedal speeds and provide a
broad gear range for fast
descents, steep climbs and
all round high speed action.


The P-7R's 1.0kWh lithium
ion battery will give you
enough range for a few
hours of free flowing fun.
those who like to spend
more time in the saddle can
go further with the 1.5kWh
battery upgrade

Top speed

45 Km/h


6 Speed Gearbox


64 kg

The city can no longer keep its secrets and the B-52S will help you to discover them all. Avoid the traffic jams and divert through hidden alley ways as you silently and efficiently reach each and every corner of the big city.

Speed & Performance

Attack with confidence TOP SPEED 45km/h

Arrive at your destination late and leave early as you prepare for your next session of seamless acceleration, precision cornering, and effortless braking. Whether you’re trying to blend into the background or stand out in a crowd, the B-52S will get you there in both silence and style, brushless DC hub motor to produce a riding experience like nothing else on Earth.

Top speed

45 Km/h


Up to 70 km

Peak Power

6.2k Wh

Drive Train and Technology

Front travel


Rear travel



4 Piston

Standard issue on the B-52 is Fast Ace, 180mm travel front forks. Tuned and spec’d by the Stealth team, this is a great all-round package for riders who want to mix their riding styles. Air adjustment makes it suitable for a wide range of rider weights within minutes.  The old Magura brakes have now been upgraded to Formula Minicross 65 brakes, completely made in Italy. The four hydraulic pistons in both calipers halve the stopping time, making riding safer even at high speeds in every type of condition.

The regen brake has now been incorporated into the braking system so as not to distract the driver from riding and to automatically intervene with each brake application.

The B-52’s proven 2.5kWh lithium ion battery (now upgraded with +25% of capacity) offers uncompromised safety and reliability on the trails taking you further, for longer. With a 3-hour recharge time all Stealth customers are given the convenience of plugging in

to any 110/240V household outlet to stock up on those

Electrical & Power

Batteries are included



Battery Capacity

2500 k Wh

Recharge Time

3 Hours

Using the very latest in brushless DC hub motor technology, the B-52 accelerates from 0km/h to full speed in virtual silence. Having only one moving part, the B-52’s high efficiency, direct drive powerplant requires next to no maintenance giving it a huge advantage over its petrol/gas powered counterparts. With a peak power output of 6.2kW, the B-52 has got what it takes to silently outrun all enemies. Pilots can further boost performance with high torque bursts of pedal power transmitted via it’s advanced, new 6 speed sequential gearbox, not only increasing acceleration but making significant range gains.

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