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Top speed

60 km/h


2 Speed BB


49 kg

When your trail riding needs elevating to the next level, the F-37 is your weapon of choice. Commonly referred to as the B-52’s baby brother, the F-37 has the pace and agility to carve it up like no other. Offering Stealth’s renowned hybrid-electric drivetrain combined with the well-known Speed Drive two-speed transmission, the F-37’s simplicity is also its strength. Its long travel suspension package and ergonomically designed cockpit are modeled for ultimate maneuverability, whether in flight or glued to the trail.

Speed & Performance

Attack with confidence TOP SPEED 60km/h

The F-37’s torquey, brushless DC hub motor provides a peak of 3.7kW and its high power to weight ratio accelerates pilots to speeds of up to 60 km/h, leaving all competitors in its dust. Additional power can be transmitted to the ground via the 2-speed, internally geared bottom bracket to increase range, efficiency and acceleration.

In economy mode with moderate pedaling, the F-37 pilots can expect a range of up to 60km on flat terrain. When competition mode is engaged and the red mist comes down, a wide-open run on the trails will achieve up to 30 km on a full charge.

Top speed

60 km/h


Up to 60 km

Peak Power

3.7 kW

Suspension and Brakes

Front travel


Rear travel



4 Piston

Standard issue on the F-37 is Fast Ace, 180mm travel front forks. Tuned and spec’d by the Stealth team, this is a great all-round package for riders who want to mix their riding styles.

On the rear the F-37’s coil-over shock provides all the adjustment that you need with compression, rebound and preload adjustment all at your finger tips.  

Electrical & Power

Batteries are included



Battery Capacity

1.5 kWh

Recharge Time

3 Hours

Stealth’s proprietary DC-1 display allows all Stealth owners to read real-time data and vital stats such as speed, battery consumption, range estimation and efficiency at a glance. It’s intuitive layout and easy to access menus create a use friendly experience for even the most novice riders. In a world where efficiency and reliability mean everything, Stealth’s solid state, digital inverter technology has absolutely no moving parts, eliminating the possibility of wear and tear.

Tried and tested, the F-37’s 1.5kWh lithium ion battery offers uncompromised safety and reliability on the trails taking you further, for longer. With a 3-hour recharge time, all Stealth customers are given the convenience of plugging in to any 110/240V household outlet to stock up on those vital electrons.

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