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Rear Suspension

120mm of air adjustable rear
suspension helps pilots of
any weight soak up the hits
whether it's uphill, downhill
or anywhere in between.


Magura MT5 hydraulic
calipers combined with large
203mm rotors provide
strong, predictable braking
precision in any situation.


With 180mm travel on the SR
Suntour's fully adjustable
front end, the Durolux R2C2
the P-7R is poised and ready
for off-road adventure.


9 pedal speeds and provide a
broad gear range for fast
descents, steep climbs and
all round high speed action.


The P-7R's 1.0kWh lithium
ion battery will give you
enough range for a few
hours of free flowing fun.
those who like to spend
more time in the saddle can
go further with the 1.5kWh
battery upgrade

Top speed

80 Km/h


Rear motor



The Stealth H-52S transforms an ocean of congested traffic, red lights and daily frustration into your own electromagnetic theme park. Take on the pavement, cobblestones or even mega speed bumps, as the H-52S summons your inner beast.

It will become difficult to distinguish between asphalt and terra firma as every corner beckons you like it’s the last one on Earth. With power and control firmly in your hands, the H-52 will take you to the limits of your daily commute.

New front light with innovative design, aggressive mudguard, handlebar mirrors, teardrop-shaped indicators and easily removable plate holder. Now it has everything you need to get on the road and get noticed, thanks also to the L1eB approval.

Speed & Performance

Attack with confidence TOP SPEED 80km/h

With an operating range of up to 70 km on a single charge, the H-52 has got what it takes to catapult its pilots to speeds in excess of 80 km/h with minimal effort. Equipped with everything it takes to get your riding mission off the ground, silence is the only thing you will want to hear.

Offering two performance modes, the H-52’s top speed can be limited to 25 km/h or opened out to deliver the full 80 km/h top-end.

Top speed

80 Km/h


70 km

Peak Power

6.2k Wh

Drive Train and Technology

Tunable for any situation

Front travel


Rear travel



4 Piston

The new wheels, now 27.5, provide better handling and smoother glide. High-speed riding will now be safer, providing greater stability for the rider in all conditions.

For the braking system, the Australian engineers have opted for one of the best brands in Italy: Formula. The Minicross 65 brakes now equip the top of the range stealth bikes, such as the F37 and B52 models, guaranteeing greater braking safety and stopping times comparable to those of a motorbike.

The H-52’s high torque, direct drive brushless DC motor delivers 6.2kW of smooth, silent, aggressive thrust with just a twist of the wrist. Having just one moving part transmitting power to the ground, the H-52’s strength is in its simplicity. Worn sprockets, slipping clutches, even oil changes are no longer an issue. The H-52 doesn’t need oil, in fact it’s so cool that it doesn’t even have a drive chain.

You only have to worry about charging the battery! Like the B-52 and F-37, the riders automatically activate the Regen braking each time they brake, which converts kinetic energy into electrical energy, which is then fed back into the battery pack, enhancing range and ride time.

Electrical & Power

Batteries are included



Battery Capacity

2,5 k Wh

Recharge Time

3 Hours

Stealth’s H-52 utilises our highest rate lithium battery, now upgraded to 2.5kwh, and management system to ensure performance and reliability is extracted from its virtually silent power plant.

With a full recharge taking just three hours, the H-52 can be conveniently plugged in to any 110-240V output allowing riders to maximise ride time with both a prework morning ride and an afternoon session when they get home.

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